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The Dub Stage provides a unique and professional perspective when it comes to sound mixing, and actively provides helpful creative input when needed. If delivering great sound is what you’re looking for, then look no further than The Dub Stage

With a flick of a button, The Dub Stage can mix in all immersive sound formats, including 5.1, 7.1,

Dolby Atmos Home Theater, Dolby Atmos Theatrical, IMAX 12.0/6.0, DTS:X and more

Equipped with a Meyer Acheron Cinema Sound System totaling 49 speakers

Utilizing a Barco 2K DCI Theatrical video projector with 19,000 lumens fed by a non-linear Avid Satellite System, the picture is projected onto a large 28' x 12' screen

The Dub Stage utilizes the latest in digital sound technology built around multiple Avid ProTools HDX systems with capabilities of over 1,700 simultaneous audio tracks

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